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If you want to retrieve prices and timetables in real-time, use the main search engine ↑ at the top ↑ of this page.

The list ↓ below ↓ contains one-way (→) and return (⇄) tickets found in the last 14 days for flights between Croatian and many other airports in various countries, with date(s) and price listed for each of them. Tickets for departures from Croatia are displayed by default, but you can select many other options from the select list, which will display cheap tickets for departures from the selected country. We display cheap flights for connections with Croatia for every country that you select.

By using filters you can reduce the number of results and display only flights from a certain airport (e. g. Zadar) or to a certain city (e. g. Rome). Filter 'Price' will reduce the results only to the ones that satisfy the search criteria, e. g. it will only list the tickets that cost from 20 to 50 EUR. In order to reduce the number of results, it's enough to use one filter only. Dates filter filters based on departure date, regardless of the type of ticket (one-way or return).

We emphasize that, due to different business model than low-cost airlines (e. g. Norwegian), legacy carriers (e. g. Croatia Airlines) might have cheaper return tickets than one-way tickets. If you're planning to buy legacy carrier's return tickets, always check the return ticket price in the main search engine ↑ at the top ↑ of this page.

The list of cheap flights in the table below is sorted by price. A click on the price will redirect you to another page, where you can compare current prices from multiple vendors.

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