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Putovnica.net is the most comprehensive Croatian travel website. Our mission is to provide you with accurate, timely and useful information to help you plan the trips of your dreams. Our vision is to be your first source of inspiration, and become a leading source of information related to the world of travel in Croatia and neighboring countries.

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Putovnica.net is conceived as a place where you can come and get inspiration for your next trip or travel, but also as a place where travelers share their experiences, impressions and recommendations. Get involved in our community of users - ask, discuss, share it! We are waiting for you! :)

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VOLIM PUTOVATI d.o.o. za trgovinu i usluge

Zagreb, Hrvatska

TS Zagreb

MBS: 080787756

OIB: 61022625762

Registered capital in the amount of HRK 20 000 paid in full in cash