Info on bus from Pakoštane to Karlovac

10. 08. 2015. u 19:12

Hello, please does anyone know if on the 19th of Sept. this year I can for sure get by bus from Pakoštane to Karlovac, which time and from where exactly and where in Karlovac exactly ( Pakostane bus station I suppose to the bus st. in Karlovac?) I need to get further later that day, to Mali Lošnij, so I hope it is possible. If you know and write me the price also I will be grateful

Thanks much,
nice day to you B.

12. 08. 2015. u 13:50

Hello, both of the routes listed on the bus Pakoštane - Karlovac page operate all year long, so they will operate on September 19th as well. One-way ticket costs 130-135 HRK, which is approximately 18 EUR.

In Karlovac they stop at the main bus station, while the second bus (Croatia Bus) departs from the stop at Jadranska magistrala ('Adriatic Highway') in Pakoštane. We're not sure where does the first bus depart from and will let you know if we find out. If you will be staying in Pakoštane before going to Karlovac, you'll definitely have time to find out where it departs from.

Also, it might be better if you travel first from Pakoštane to Zadar or even Biograd na Moru and then continue to Karlovac or wherever you need to go. You will have more departures to choose from and you might even be able to skip Karlovac alltogether (in case that you're going to Karlovac just to catch another bus).

12. 08. 2015. u 18:49

Hello, thank you so much for the answer, it will help me to know ..
regards Barbora

12. 08. 2015. u 21:44

No problem, let us know if you have other questions.