Published 27.11.15. 10:08

EasyJet launches Dubrovnik - Toulouse route

Europe's second largest low-cost carrier continues with the introduction of new routes to Croatia.
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British EasyJet, the second-largest European low cost carrier, has announced the introduction of another new route for Croatia. That is EasyJet's fourth new line for Croatia in less than a month.

This time they have announced the introduction of Dubrovnik - Toulouse route, which they will fly from July 1 to August 30, 2016. EasyJet will fly between Dubrovnika and Toulouse twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays. One-way ticket can be purchased from 23,36 EUR *. This is the first EasyJet's link between Toulouse and Croatia, while next year they will fly on as many as 11 lines for Dubrovnik. Of course, there is the possibility that till the beginning of the summer season 2016 they will introduce new lines for Dubrovnik and other Croatian destinations.

* Listed prices include taxes and basic fees, but do not include administrative fee of 17 EUR. It is a fee to be paid per transaction and is divided into the total number of tickets. For example, if two people are traveling together and buy a return ticket, it will raise the price of each ticket for 4,25 EUR (17 EUR / 4 = 4,25 EUR).