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When you browse the timetables and pricelists that we have published on our website, you will notice that we have divided ferry lines in three different types. We will briefly explain each of them and their differences here. At the end of the article there is a table with a short comparison of those three types of ferries.

Passenger ferry / ship

'Regular' ferries are the 'ordinary' ships. They do not accept cars or bigger vehicles, but they usually accept bicycles and pets. They are much slower than fast ferries (catamarans).


Ferries that sail to Krapanj

Fast ferry (catamaran)

Fast ferry or catamaran is a ship that sails much quicker than a 'regular' ferry or passenger and vehicle (car) ferry. Catamarans board passengers and some operators will board both bicycles and pets under certain conditions. However, you can't board cars and other big vehicles on catamarans.


Jadrolinija's fast ferry (catamaran)

Passenger and vehicle (car) ferry

Passenger and vehicle (car) ferry is a ship that accepts passengers and vehicles - the big ones, as well as the small ones. You can also board bicycles on passenger and vehicle (car) ferries, as well as pets. On average, ferries are slower than fast ferries (catamarans), but also much bigger than catamarans or 'ordinary' ferries used for scheduled passenger transport.

Passenger and vehicle (car) ferry

Jadrolinija's passenger and vehicle (car) ferry

Comparison of ferry types

Car ferry++++

In the table above you can find a comparison of different ferry types and who or what can be transported by each of them. Plus sign (+) means that a certain group can be transported by a certain type of ferry, minus sign (-) that a certain group can not be transported by a certain type of ferry, while FAQ means that the answer depends on the operator and that you can find out more in Frequently asked questions (FAQ).